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Q. Is a line or cord in crystal a flaw?
A. No. A line or cord is not considered a flaw. This almost invisible difference in the density of the crystal occurs during the fusing of molten crystal. Although visible when it reflects light, the cord disappears when a goblet or vase is filled with water.
Q. What is crystal?
A. Webster defines crystal as a colorless glass of superior quality. To the layman, cut crystal is crystal and clear smooth glass is glass – not necessarily true. The fact is that 24% lead crystal is different than lead-free crystal, not necessarily better or worse and not necessarily more or less valuable. High-quality glass or lead-free crystal is made up of natural elements like limestone, sand, sodium oxide, dolomite, and potash. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. To get lead crystal, 24% lead oxide is added to the mix and the product becomes softer, less brittle, and more easily cut.