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Welcome and thank you for shopping at India Handicrafts, Inc! Please read the following Terms & Conditions in order to avoid issues with your orders and/or future orders. We want you to enjoy your experience shopping at IHI time after time.
Remember, this website is for India Handicrafts, Inc. active customers only and cannot be accessed by non-authorized users. If you would like to activate an account, please sign up and we will grant you access to our entire site!
1. Customer Service: Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM CT
·      By phone: 651.582.0525 or 1.800.524.6766
·      By fax: 651.582.0526 or 1.800.821.3461
·      By email: info@ihionline.com
·      By mail: India Handicrafts, Inc., 2421 Rosegate, Roseville, MN 55113
2. Ordering Information - Call 1.800.524.6766 for assistance
·      Order via website: www.ihionline.com
·      Order by phone: 651.582.0525 or 1.800.524.6766
·      Order by fax: 651.582.0526 or 1.800.821.3461
·      Order by email: info@ihionline.com
·      Order by mail with order form: 2421 Rosegate, Roseville, MN 55113
       Minimum Order:
·      Minimum opening order - $250; Re-Orders $100
·      International minimum order - $1000 USD pre-paid in advance by Visa/MC only.
 - We reserve the right to increase or decrease quantities to meet our minimum pack size requirements.
·      Backorders will be shipped without notification if within 60 days of date ordered. All backorders under $50 are cancelled.
·      At the end of every year IHI cancels all back orders from the previous year without notice.
- We reserve the right to cancel any orders or back orders without any notification.
       Order Cancellation & Changes:
·      If for any reason you may need to cancel or change your order, please contact customer service as soon as possible so we can process your request immediately.
- Requests must be made through our Customer Service department by phone at 651.582.0525/1.800.524.6766 or preferably via fax at 651.582.0526/1.800.821.3461.
3. Pricing:
·      All prices are subject to change without notice.
·      Items are billed at prices in effect at time of shipment.
·      Special prices noted on our web site will only be given to those orders placed on our web site. Web prices are not available through phone or show orders. Special web prices are only available for orders placed on the IHI site.
·      Show specials are only available for orders placed at tradeshows.
4. Payment Terms:
·      Opening orders must be on credit card only.
·      Stores in business for less than two years may be required to pre-pay via Visa/MC.
·      Customer agrees to pay all collection costs and attorney fees, as well as interest at the rate of 2% per month on any unpaid balance.
·      A 5% fee will be charged for any returned checks.
·      All customers are required by law to supply a State Sales Tax Certificate.
         Net 30:
·      On approved credit only. Must provide credit application with sufficient trade & bank references for credit approval.
         Credit Card:
·      We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.
·      Customer authorizes any/all charges associated with this order to be charged on their credit card if that was the method of payment arranged.
5. Shipping:
·      All orders are shipped F.O.B. our warehouse in Roseville, MN, 55113.
·      Approximate shipping charges are: 10 - 15% of the total order amount.
·      The amount of shipping is reflected in your invoice when your order is ready to ship.
·      Special routing information must be specified or we will ship at our own discretion.
·      Special handling requests may be subject to an up-charge.
·      International orders can only be shipped within the 48 U.S. contiguous states.
       Shipping Time:
·      All internet orders are shipped within 3-4 business days.
·      Special request for rush shipping must be phoned into our customer service department at 651.582.0525 or 1.800.524.6766
·      Rush orders may include additional shipping charges.
6. Merchandise/Notice Guarantee:
·      Because most the merchandise is handcrafted, there will be some variations in color, texture, size & finish, as well as slight irregularities. These are not considered flaws.
·      Natural wrought iron products may rust over time.
·      If for any reason your purchased items are delivered broken, your order is incorrect, or items are misshipped, please refer to our “Returns & Claims” section below.
7. Returns/Claims:
·      Please examine your order upon arrival for any discrepancies.
·      Claims must be made within ten (10) days of receipt.
·      No claims will be accepted after 30 business days.
·      Claims must be mailed or faxed to IHI headquarters (not to your sales rep). Invoice number and date received must be specified.
·      Claims will be processed with in 15 business days of the date we receive the claim.
·      Any damage or lost merchandise must be directly claimed with carrier.
·      No returns will be accepted without our return authorization (RA) number & must be received in its original packaging.
·      Items that are not damaged by the fault of IHI or by shipping may be returned but will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Freight for that item will not be refunded.
·      Shopworn, price-marked or overstock items may not be returned.
·      Disliking an item is not subject for a return.
·      Items requiring pick up will be retrieved within 30 business days.
8. Online Account:
·      For all first time online orders, customers must create an online account. This is required, even if you have previously placed an order by phone, fax, or through tradeshows.
·      After filling out the online application, we will process your account & send you an email to to confirm your login ID & password.
·      New customer accounts will only be granted if provided a TAX ID CERTIFICATE                           
·      Online accounts are only granted Monday-Friday and are done manually. Accounts may take 24-48 hours to process.
- Please read basic instructions prior to calling Customer Service for assistance with online accounts.
      9. Customer Agreement: By placing an order, customers AGREE to all points in our Terms & Conditions.